Patriot Employer Act

In August 2007, along with Obama and Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown (D) and Rep. Schakowsky (D-IL) introduced the Patriot Employer Act of 2007.  The Act would provide tax credits equal to 1% of taxable income to employers that:


·         Maintain or increase the number of full-time workers in America relative to the number of full-time workers outside of American any by maintaining corporate headquarters in America;

·         Pay hourly wages equal to or above an amount that would keep a family of three out of poverty;

·         Prepare workers for retirement by providing either a defined benefit plan or a defined contribution plan that fully matches at least 5% of worker contributions for every employee;

·         Provide health insurance and paying at least 60% of each worker’s health care premiums;

·         Support the troops by paying the difference between regular salary and military salary for all National Guard and Reserve employees who are called for active duty and by continuing their health insurance coverage for the Guard member and his or her family; and lastly

·         Employers must maintain neutrality in labor organizing campaigns or face additional tax hikes.


The cost of complying may cost more than the 1% tax break, in order to comply companies may need to lay off employees, and the US already has the second highest corporate tax rate in the world. 


Moreover, once again, Obama’s agenda of expanding organized labor (which parallel’s Sen. Brown’s) in the United States is front and center in this proposed Act.  This law essentially creates separate corporate tax rates for unionized and non-union companies – since unions win 87% of elections under neutrality agreements.


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