Overturning Beck Rights

In 2001 President Bush issued Executive Order 13201, requiring nonexempt federal contractors to post a notice informing employees of their Beck rights.  Beck rights state that:


·         Employees cannot be required to join a union or maintain membership in a union to keep their jobs;

·         Employees can be required under certain conditions to pay uniform periodic dues and initiation fees to unions as a result of union-employer security agreements;

·         Employees can object to use of their payments for certain purposes; and

·         Employees can only be required to pay the portion of dues and fees used to support collective bargaining, contract administration, or grievance adjustment.


Beck rights are basically adopted/repealed depending on the sitting President.  In fact, the first President Bush initiated such rights, which were repealed by Clinton and then reinstated by the current President Bush.  Following logic, the Obama administration will certainly repeal Beck rights, but just how far it will be repealed – or even if the opposite of Beck rights are established – is yet to be determined.


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  1. […] pay any dues or fees earmarked for union politics, lobbying, an dother non-bargaining activities.  I warned of Obama’s repeal of Beck rights in December, and unfortunately, it came […]

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