Tuesdays are EFCA Update Days

Although this blog will continue to routinely report on all news and events relating to Labor Law, the majority of its viewers are most interested in following the Employee Free Choice Act.  In an effort to give you readers what you want, I have now dedicated Tuesdays as EFCA Update days.


For the most part, I will just provide links to interesting articles that I’ve read throughout the week with a very short summary of the article.  If you choose to read more, just click the link!


  • The ALF-CIO’s blog has an excerpt from a message given by Obama on Labor Day where Obama said, “It’s time you had a president who honors organized labor – who’s walked on picket lines; who doesn’t choke on the word “union”, who lets our unions do what they do best and organize our workers; and who will finally make the Employee Free Choice Act the law of the land.” 
  • Another entry from the ALF-CIO’s blog reports that New York Times’ editorial board made “a strong, clearly argued and unambiguous case that President-elect Obama needs to strengthen working families by pushing for a quick passage of the Employee Free Choice Act and giving his Labor Secretary-designate, Rep. Hilda Solis, the power she needs to protect workers.”
  • As many of you know, should EFCA pass, the SEIU is candid that they will heavily target McDonald’s and other fast food chains in an effort to unionize their workers.  Here is an article about McDonald’s corporate campaign against EFCA.
  • Teamsters don’t think EFCA will pass?  Well, a spokesperson for the Teamsters told the Washington Times that she didn’t think it will pass in the first 100 days.  I guess any delay against EFCA is a good delay.
  • Here is a thoughtful piece prepared by FoxBusiness and published on Entrepreneur.com indicating that unions may be victims of EFCA.  During these tough economic times are when employers needs the flexibility to move employees around or have them work outside of their job classifications – which is in stark contrast to the rigidity of a collective bargaining agreement.
  • Are Democrats now backing away from supporting EFCA?  According to the Wall Street Journal, as reported by the Red State Blog.  According to that blog, Big Labor is finding that it might have a bit less of a lock than it thought on its pet legislation, the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA). Apparently, several southern Democrats — those that live in right to work states — as well as some moderates are signaling Senate Majority leader Harry Reid that they are not as interested in entertaining passage of the act as they were when they knew that the GOP was strong enough to filibuster it and when they had a president that stood ready to veto it.

One Response

  1. With the State of Minnesota now replacing a Republican with left winger Al Franken, the Republicans do not have the votes to block a fillibuster. This thing is going to become law whether we like it or not.

    Our ONLY hope is that the unions are foolish enough to keep mandatory arbitration in the statute. I believe that is the ONLY provision that will subject the statute to constitutional challenge and hopefully reversal of the law by the U. S. Supreme Court.

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