Tuesdays Are EFCA Update Days

Tuesday have been designated EFCA Days, but actually, all this week will be EFCA Updates.  The Employee Free Choice Act information is one of the most viewed on this blog, and quite frankly, there have been a ton of articles written about it in the past week.  The volume of EFCA information being produced is much higher then ever before, which I think is great.  The biggest threat to EFCA passing is educating people – business owners, employees, congressmen, and the general public – about the terms, nuances, and potential impact of the erroneously named Employee Free Choice Act. 


Hopefully this week’s posts will inform more people about EFCA, about why businesses oppose it, about why employees should be educated about it, and about how the Obama Administration, and the Democratic members of Congress are trying desperately to slip this landmark legislation under the radar and past the public.



Obama recently discussed EFCA with the Washington Post editorial board.  The audio is here and the relevant portion starts at the 56 minute mark.


Minority view points espousing that EFCA will not pass.  I may revisit this next week and dedicate an entire post to this lengthy, but informative article.


One in five union activists gets illegally fired in the run-up to unionization elections, and EFCA is a way to equalize the power imbalance between labor and management so that workers can decide for themselves whether they want to organize.


American Rights at Work to spend $3,000,000 on TV ads praising EFCA





Blog post by 20-year Union member saying that EFCA won’t work and turns to Europe to detail how labor unions have slowed sections of the economy with draconian work rules and layoff policies.


The LA Times has a good run down of where Secretary Solis dodged questions about EFCA, mandatory first contract arbitration, the abuse of prevailing wage rules, and union boss corruption.


James Sherk, Bradley Fellow in Labor Policy in the Center for Data Analysis at The Heritage Foundation explains how EFCA would increase the unemployment rate in America.


AFL-CIO encourages the Obama to issue an emergency interim rule (meaning no public comment period) eliminating “all financial reporting regulations that have not yet gone into effect.”  What this really is, is an attempt to thwart an increase in spending to the Office of Labor-Management Standards, which administers the LM-2s that have gotten unions in trouble in the last few years (i.e. nearly $100 million recovered from corrupt union bosses and 1,000 union leaders and employees convicted of embezzlement or corruption since 2001).  Thanks to LaborPains.org, for the “History of the OLMS” section in their post.


Liberal post opining that Republicans will sell out the anti-abortion faction, the xenophobes, the racists, the religious fanatics, and “any part of their coalition except Big Business,” and thus, Republicans oppose EFCA.


William F. Keller, a Democrat from Philadelphia, is a Pennsylvania state representative for the 184th Legislative District who says that opponents of EFCA should concern themselves more with the erosion of the middle class and increasing unemployment, and remember that as union membership declined, so too have the number of family-sustaining jobs.


EFCA poses an especially strong threat to small industries and businesses since a majority of the petitions filed for unionization elections involved companies that employed fewer than 100 people, and small businesses simply do not have the resources to contest organizing efforts – yet another reason to educate your employees about EFCA now.


The AFL-CIO is following my lead!  Not really, but it did decide to post a blog entry titled, “Roundup: The Week in Employee Free Choice, Online.”  Only they chose to do it on a Friday.  Don’t they know that Tuesdays are EFCA Days?


That’s it for today.  Make sure to check back tomorrow, and Thursday, and Friday this week for continuous Employee Free Choce Act coverage.


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  1. Employee Free Choice Now . Org
    Educating The World on The EFCA.

    Myth vs. Reality: The REALITY is the Employee Free Choice Act Helps American Workers and their Families.

    Despite the need for reform, critics of EFCA continue to misinform the public about the bill and hide the serious shortcomings of current labor law. Democrats are committed to setting the record straight and passing this important legislation on behalf of American workers and their families.

    MYTH: EFCA will prevent the use of secret-ballot elections.

    REALITY: EFCA does not strip workers of their right to choose a secret-ballot election to decide whether to select — or not to select — a union representative. EFCA simply gives workers the additional option of selecting a union representative by majority sign-up.

    The Employee Free Choice Act is nothing new it only reestablishes the Joy Silk Doctrine of 1949


    In 1949, the NLRB’s Joy Silk Doctrine established that “an employer could lawfully refuse to bargain with a union claiming representative status through possession of authorization cards only if he had a ‘good faith doubt’ as to the union’s majority status.This policy was changed in 1966 with the ruling in Aaron Brothers, where “the Board made it clear that it had shifted the burden to the General Counsel to show bad faith and that an employer ‘will not be held to have violated his bargaining obligation… simply because he refuses to rely upon cards. ‘If passed, the proposed Employee Free Choice Act would return the NLRB policy to the Joy Silk Doctrine and allow employer challenges to card check elections only when illegal coercion or fraud is charged.

    For More Information on EFCA please visit our website and blog



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