Wednesday This Week is Another EFCA Update Day!

Now that the inauguration is over, it’s time for President Obama to get to work.  And for labor unions, that means working with Congress to pass the Employee Free Choice Act, RESPECT Act, Patriot Employer Act, “Union of One” Act, Middle Class Opportunity Act, and he needs to appoint new NLRB Board Members to ensure that Minority Unions become a reality.  Whew!  He’ll be a busy man.  In the meantime, I will continue to cover all of those developments.  But for now, here is another day’s installment of what happened in the world of EFCA last week.


Outgoing Labor Secretary warns that the Labor Department could be used to harm American worker competitiveness through misguided regulations and punitive policies – and at the top of that list is EFCA.


This is a follow up to my previous post referencing Michelle Malkin’s expose about the luxurious lifestyle the top Union brass live thanks to the hourly dues paid by their members.


Former union lawyer and current NLRB Member (Judge) resoundingly endorses EFCA despite having to impartially enforce it when it passes.


Obama Administration encouraged the 12 major labor unions to reunite – and they’re meeting to do just that!  For those of us who followed the defection of the SEUI from the AFL-CIO, this is major news!  Looks like Obama will do what the union wants and the union will do whatever Obama wants.


Newly sworn in Representative Eric Massa (D-NY) is wasting no time showing his strong support for EFCA by saying that he understands the significance and importance of it – that EFCA  is the most important labor bill in 70 years.


Rep. Gene Green (D-TX) introduced H.R. 243, which enacts one of EFCA’s three major provisions: binding arbitration.  According to, it’s not going to go anywhere, but does set the stage for EFCA.  I think this is a tester bill to see what kind of reaction it will get or if it will continue to fly under the radar like most of EFCA has done.


Secretary Solis does not commit to preserving funding for the Office of Labor-Management Standards, the office that requires accurate financial reporting of union finances through LM-2s. 



Union leaders from 45 different countries met with the AFL-CIO President, John Sweeney and representatives of U.S. union organization to discuss the union movement in the United States and the need to work together to pass the Employee Free Choice Act.


This AFL-CIO post compares the union density of the top 10 economically strong countries and the United States is 6th on the list and concludes (without supporting evidence) that the top five countries on the list have stronger pro-worker laws than the US, and that 16 of the top twenty have laws similar to EFCA.  But do we really want to compare ourselves to Ireland and Demark?


OK, so this isn’t really an EFCA update, but it’s so news worthy for this blog that I just have to post it.  Rep. Jose Serrano (D-NY) introduced a bill that does away with term limits for Presidents.  Appears he was lobbying for Obama to be allowed to run for a third term before Obama was even sworn into office!


The SEIU is still touting that Congress is committed to passing EFCA despite the naysayers.  And that’s something the SEIU and I agree on.  Those claiming that it will not pass are engaging in wishful thinking, and every now and then I let myself believe those thoughts, too.  But, the reality is that the economy will be worse in 2009 than it was in 2008.  Unemployment will continue to climb.  House values will continue to fall.  And oh yeah, there are political thank yous that need cashed in for putting Democrats in the White House and in the majority of Congressional seats.


Come back tomorrow for more EFCA Updates!


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