Thursday This Week is EFCA Update Day!

Are you ready for more EFCA Updates?  We’re just half way through the first EFCA Update Week, and already I’ve received great feedback about the articles.  Hopefully these will inform you further.



This article critiques the Employee Free Choice Act by dissecting all arguments – business, union, academia – before concluding that EFCA is not beneficial for our economy or our country.


Rep. John Kline (R-Minn), who serves on the Health, Employment, Labor, and Pensions subcommittee of the Education and Labor Committee offers an insight into the perils of EFCA.


This interesting piece highlights how Republicans view EFCA as a tool that will reunite their fractured party because it is a common ground that all members can oppose


This is likely not a surprise to anyone, but Chambers of Commerce oppose EFCA.  This article just happens to be from Virginia, but Chambers everywhere have banned together to fight against the negative effects that it would have on businesses throughout America.


About 2 months ago I heard that the SEIU is going to organize banks.  Well, the campaign has started.  The SEIU is going public telling the bank employees that some of the bailout money should go to them.  When it doesn’t, the employees will be disgruntled, and disgruntled employees are easier to organize.    This is just one of the new niche areas of organization.  Over the next few years, unions will be sprouting up in job sectors that we never thought would be targeted.



Outgoing Labor Secretary Elaine Chao write this insiders article titled “Our Workers Deserve a Secret Ballot” that was printed in the Wall Street Journal.


In my quasi-effort to present both sides of EFCA (because readers want to know what the other side is doing and thinking), incoming Labor Secretary Hilda Solis opposes secret ballots.


Union Presidents up for Obama Administration appointments.  Two former union presidents and one current union president are being considered for jobs in the Obama Administration.  Like you didn’t see that one coming?


Here’s another union-member who is against the Employee Free Choice Act.  He encourages unions to work on self-improvement instead of bullying their way into companies that don’t want them in the first place.


Rapid City, South Dakota is weighing on opposing EFCA and reminding the readers of the Daily Herald that over 30 years ago, William Raspberry of the Washington Post wrote this about compulsory unionism: “good unions don’t need it and bad unions don’t deserve it.”


Remember when Democrats who now support EFCA expressed the opposite view to Mexico in 2001? Remember when Rep. George Miller (D-Cal) wrote a letter to the Mexican government saying, “we feel that the secret ballot is absolutely necessary in order to ensure that workers are not intimidated into voting for a union they might not otherwise choose?”  Remember how John Boehner (R-OH) challenged Congress about the hypocrisy to of having secret ballot elections on politically tough votes within their caucuses while “leaving employees open to harassment and intimidation in the workplace on organizing votes?”  This article remembers.


One more day left, folks!  Come back tomorrow for our grand (well, I don’t know grand it will be) finale for the conclusion of our first EFCA Update Week!


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