Misc. Mondays: UAW Says Everyone Needs to Save Auto Industry

Beginning today, Mondays are dedicated to miscellaneous topics/updates that do not necessarily warrant a full day to themselves, but nonetheless are newsworthy.

According to UAW President, Ron Gettelfinger, all stakeholders have to participate in saving the auto industry, including management, board members, dealers, suppliers, and secured and unsecured creditors.  He further denies that the domestic auto industry is not in trouble because of union members or union contracts.  According to Gettlefinger, the problem is the global credit crisis that has dried up funding for businesses and consumers, and the federal government must tackle the “external factors that are a major part of the crisis facing the domestic auto industry.”

Obviously Gettlefinger is seeking more than the federal government’s financial bailout.  He wants the  auto industry’s suppliers and creditors to help bail the domestic auto industry out of the problem caused by unions.  Although car sales are down worldwide, foreign car companies that operate non-union production plants in the United States aren’t asking for federal bailout money.  They didn’t sell their retirees health care to the union.  The first couple thousand dollars from each car sold does not go to cover contract costs.  They keep building more facilities and hiring more workers.  It’s clear to most of us that Gettlefinger is shifting the blame for what his union has done to the domestic auto industry onto the rest of the world and expecting the rest of the world to bail him out.


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