Misc. Mondays: Obama Creates Middle Class Task Force

Last week Obama created the Middle Class Task Force, which will be headed by Joe Biden, to raise the “living standards of middle class, working families in America.”  Here is a video of VP Biden discussing his new baby and opening with “It’s good to see so many of my friends from organized labor.  Welcome back to the White House.”  He later said he’s confident that there would be no middle class if it weren’t for organized labor.  He then references that the middle class are the men and women that teach our children (teachers), protect our neighborhoods (police/fire), build our homes (carpenters, plumbers, insulators, electrical workers), staff our hospitals (nurses), work on the line (manufacturing) – all the most heavily unionized industries.  By naming just the heavily unionized industries, he leaves out the majority of the middle class.  Biden says that the Task Force will look to “restore the balance of labor in the workplace through the Department of Labor, and restoring labor’s place with the Department of Labor.”  On an aside, while Biden is speaking, the Dow went from down 79.97 to down 106.57 and the S&P 500 and NASDAQ both drop.


Change to Win, the 7 union organization (which includes the SEIU) praised the Task Force and said, “when workers vote for pro-worker candidates, workers win.”  Likewise, Teamster leader James “don’t call me Jimmy” Hoffa said “it’s a new day for workers.  We finally have a White House that is dedicated to working with us.”   Later this week I will post about Obama’s Executive Orders that came about as a result of the Middle Class Task Force and hit the federal contract and construction industries hardest.


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