Misc. Mondays: Unemployment Rates Lower in Right to Work States

I’ve posted about right to work states before, they are the 22 states (mostly Southern) where every employee has a decision whether he or she wants to pay union dues when working at a unionized facility.  In the north, on the other hand, if the job is unionized, you must belong to the union to work there.  Not surprising, right to work states have fewer unionized companies because employees don’t want to pay union dues.  Last week, the Mackinac Center for Public Policy informed us that not only is unionization down, but so is unemployment down in right to work states.  “In December 2008, states with right-to-work laws had an average unemployment rate of 6.2 percent compared to 7.0 percent for states without right to work laws.”  Michigan (the heaviest unionized state) has the highest unemployment of all 50 states at 10.6 percent.  The six states with the lowest unemployment rates all have right to work laws.  Enough said.


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  1. […] The political director for the SEIU in Iowa said why union bosses want to repeal Iowa’s Right to Work status:  “Unions want to be able to charge nonunion workers “reasonable” fees to […]

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