Banks on the Hot Seat for Organizing

A few weeks ago, I warned that unions, especially the SEIU, are looking to unionize banks when the SEIU told bank employees (mostly tellers) that some of the bailout money should go to them.  The video I posted then is worth posting again.  The crux of the video is that Bank of America is a bad company for buying Countrywide Home Mortgages and MBNA and accuses BoA of predatory lending.  Fine.  Maybe BoA is a bad company and maybe it did engage in predatory lending – but is that a reason for its employees to unionize?  I’m missing the link.  Here’s the video.


Here’s an update since my last post about the SEIU trying to organize bank employees.  First, and not surprising, the union called for BoA to fire its CEO and cast out allegations that the CEO paid over $24,000 for curtains when spending $1.2 million to redecorate his office.  In response, the SEIU encouraged its members and supporters to go to branches of BoA last week and “talk directly with employees about what’s happening with their company.”  And what’s the content of that conversation – that the head of the Bank responsible for employing that employee has expensive taste in drapery?  The SEIU then encouraged BoA:

1.  To provide health care for its 247,000 workers (even though BoA’s website says they already provide health care to their associates);

2. Keep over 12,000 troubled borrowers, i.e. people who borrowed more then they could afford, in their homes – I guess by having BoA pay their mortgages;

3. Sign new leases with renters who live in buildings that are being foreclosed upon.  So Bank of America should now be Landlords of America?

4. Commit to providing affordable healthcare to all of its employees and their dependents.  Isn’t this a recap of number 1? 

Later that day, the super-liberal Huffington Post claimed to leak a great conspiracy between AIG, BoA, Home Depot, and others where anti-Employee Free Choice Act contributions and strategies were discussed.  The source, who was supposedly on the telephone call with the heads of such empires and then who stabbed all of them in the back to report the contents of the call to the online news rag, was not revealed.  The audio clips, which can be heard here, are well worth the listen and, frankly, are absolutely no different from all of the other business owners that I deal with on a daily basis.  Business owners that understand the reality of EFCA are responding to it, planning for it, planning to battle it, and are looking to one another for solutions to the biggest problem that any business owner has faced during his or her lifetime.  I’ve listened to the leaked audio several times, and I believe that the voices on the call are the ones who leaked it.  They are the usual anti-EFCA voices.  They are ones who are trying to encourage other business owners to join their fight instead of live in denial because like it or not, the Employee Free Choice is coming soon.

Two days later, the SEIU regurgitated its call to talk with BoA employees and asked BoA to do the same 4 things it asked already (well, really 3 because 1 and 4 are still the same).

I haven’t heard about the the success of the SEIU’s attempt at talking to bank tellers last week, but I imagine it was just as much of a flop as when the union tried to canvass McDonalds one day and speak to those employees, too.




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  1. […] Foundation alleging that Richard Berman and Bernie Marcus (co-founder of Home Depot) took part in a call organized by Bank of Americato get corporate donors to fight against EFCA and this type of solicitation violates the tax status […]

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