Misc. Mondays: Iowa’s Right to Work Law Challenged

Iowa is one of the few non-Southern states to be a Right to Work State, but that status is being challenged by current politicians in Iowa.  The bill as proposed would require workers to either join a union or pay “fair share fee” (which is akin to union dues).  The political director for the SEIU in Iowa said why union bosses want to repeal Iowa’s Right to Work status:  “Unions want to be able to charge nonunion workers “reasonable” fees to help cover costs of union representation, such as when workers file grievances.”  The then said “the money would also be used to organizee more workers, such as nurses.”  And later said, “It certainly isn’t for union halls or more union staff or higher wages for union staff.  It’s because we have a lot of workers in the state that need to be organized.”  I agree with National Right to Work’s perpective on her quotes:  “Union bosses want more money so they can organize more workers to get more money.”  It’s plain and simple.  Unions are businesses that rely solely on dues paying members.  The more members they have, the more money they make, and the more influence they have on workplaces and society.


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