Misc. Mondays: Labor-Lovin’ Presidents

This article (and the headline) come from the SEIU who thought it would be a good PR move to publish one-liners from past Presidents who supposedly loved labor unions.  This list, though, fails miserably in showing people that Presidents like unions.  The Presidents listed in the article are: Lincoln, Kennedy, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and Carter.  That’s it.  One President from the 1800’s, and the others from 1933, 1953, 1961, and 1981.  What’s more noticeable is that only 4 of the 13 Presidents since the enactment of the National Labor Relations Act are included in here, and even their quotes are cryptic at best and could easily be out of context.  So, to reiterate what is on most people’s minds – unions are a thing of the past, served a purpose in the past, and should not be the focus of our future.


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