Misc. Mondays: Middle Class Task Force Update

More than half of all Americans – about 160 million – think of themselves as middle class according to a 2008 Pew survey.  However, Washington, especially the White House, view only one tenth of those people as middle class.  Specifically, only the 16 million union workers are considered by our Federal government to be in the middle class.

VP Biden was in Philadelphia a few weeks ago holding his first Middle Class Task Force town meeting – next up is Minnesote, home of anti-union Target.  According to an editorial in the Philadelphia Inquirer, it is “apparent that the administration’s policies are not friendly to most of the middle class.”  For back up, the author cited Obama’s Executive Order that repealed the right for employees to know whether labor officials use their dues to support political candidates and the Order that encourages project labor agreements for union construction workers, including for construction as a result of the stimulus plan effectively eliminating 85% of the construction workforce.  Most striking, though, according to the author, is the “green jobs” legislative language “being touted on Capitol Hill is little more than union giveaways in a shiny new wrapper.”  I couldn’t agree more.


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