FBI Searches Obama’s Tech Official’s Office

Vivek Kundra, Obama’s chief information officer – the person who coordinates federal computer systems across the entire administration – is under investigation by the FBI.  Kundra was on leave during the investigation, but has since resumed to his White House position.  Three people from Kundra’s office have been arrested. 

One of the arrested, Yusuf Acar – who was promoted 3 times in the last year by Kundra– was charged with bilking taxpayers out of millions of dollars through a scam involving phony work orders and bogus employees.  Acar and former co-worker Sushil Bansal are charged with doctoring work orders and filing time sheets for “ghost employees” in an elaborate conspiracy.  Acar and his employees concealed their roles in outside companies in order to steer no-bid contracts to themselves and their friends, authorities said.  Bansal owned one such company.  At one point, Acar claimed he had netted $6 million from the scheme, court papers state.  Acar is now in jail, without bond, until his trial.

Farrukh Awan was arrested on allegations that he hid his role in Bansal’s company.   Awan joins his former boss, Yusuf Acar, and Bansal behind bars.


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