First Democrat Against EFCA

Rep. Dan Boren (OK) is the first Democrat who has openly confirmed he will vote against EFCA.  He voted against it in the 110th Congress last time and has vowed to vote against it this time in the 111th Congress.  The SEIU, who has launched a public campaign against him, says “Boren chose to turn his back on the needs of struggling Oklahomans.” 

In theory, it’s great to hear that a Democrat will vote against EFCA.  In reality, though, there is such overwhelming support for EFCA in the House, that Rep. Boren’s “No” vote will not make a difference.  It’s the Senate Democrats that we need to continue hearing will vote against EFCA, a la Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor.

Here’s Rep. Boren discussing the downsides of EFCA:


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