Obama’s Definition of an Earmark

Traditionally, the definition of an earmark (aka pork spending) has been any item included in a bill that is specifically designed to benefit a constituency or supporter of one of the bill’s authors or sponsors.  President Obama promised that there would be no earmarks in the stimulus bill.  But, it emerged from the Senate 500 pages longer and full of funding for pet projects to most satisfy every Democrat interest group and most every powerful Senator’s home district or big contributor.

When questioned, Obama responded by redefining the term earmark.  He said “I describe earmarks as the process by which individual members insert pet projects without review.”  So, if there was a pet project in the bill already as it was read and voted on by the Senate, then it is not an earmark because it was reviewed.  It’s still identical to any other port project even though it’s been reviewed.

So far the stimulus bills has not yet stimulated the economy. 

Thank you Blog Critics Magazine for this review.


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