Misc. Mondays: Top 10 Union Corruption Stories of 2008

I can’t take credit for this article that compiles the Top 10 Union Corruption Stories of 2008.  But I will post the list.  Click here to read more about these events.

1.  Barack Obama is elected president.  Enough said.

2.  Five dozen Gambino family mobsters and associates are arrested and plead guilty to a mob tax scheme involving construction projects.

3.  Federal prosecutors expose New Jersey construction locals engaging in pay-to-play to get construction contracts

4.  DOL puts more teeth into financial reporting rules which should result in more capturing of corruption (but Obama’s team already has begun to lose those teeth)

5.  Mexican unions are bastions of government favoritism and corruption

6.  Union investment in multiparty defined benefit plans

7.  Law enforcement agents arrest Operating Engineers Local after a decade of sabotaging projects and terrorizing anyone who got in their way

8.  Los Angeles SEIU chief is exposed and dismissed after diverting hundreds of thousands of union dollars to himself, family, and friends

9.  ACORN is knee-deep in voter registration and internal fraud

10.  Senate appointment scandal in Illinois has union connections

Unfortunately, the “dishonorable mentions” are too numerous to list.


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