Tuesdays are EFCA Update Days: Update!

This morning I blogged about how there really hasn’t been much noise about EFCA recently, and just a few hours later I’m compelled to draft this second EFCA Update update.  Arlen Specter, the Republican Senator from Pennsylvania who voted in favor of EFCA last time but recently said he would vote against it and thus it wouldn’t have enough support to pass, just changed sides and is going to run for re-election as a Democrat.  What does this mean to EFCA?  Plenty.  It means Specter will vote for EFCA, if EFCA is taken up this term.  Specter, who had been losing by great margins to challenger Toomey for the Republican bid for the Senate election, will now garner all of the organized labor support – and we’ve seen how organized labor, i.e. unions, can put whomever they want in elected positions.  So is EFCA still dead?  Not at all.  With Democrat Al Franken from Minnesota being recently (finally) confirmed the winner against Coleman and now Specter supporting EFCA, the Employee Free Choice Act just got a lot more scarier for companies.


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