Labor acts as I predicted it would


Big Labor is now doing exactly what I predicted it would do in an earlier post.  It is seeking revenge on specific Democrats for their failure to support and pass the Employee Free Choice Act a/k/a EFCA.

Here is a quote published today in a labor publication regarding the AFL-CIO Executive Council meeting in Florida:

“The labor movement is pissed off, in so many words, at the Obama administration…”

“The council members also didn’t spare the Senate. The federation’s formal backing of its Arkansas affiliate’s endorsement of Democratic Lieut. Gov. Bill Halter in his planned May 18 primary showdown against Sen. Blanche Lincoln sends that message. So does a pledge of substantial money from AFSCME, CWA, SEIU, the Steelworkers and the Teamsters to Halter’s campaign.”

First it was Senator Bennett in Colorado and now it is Senator Lincoln in Arkansas.  The Unions have a hit list and they intend to carry out their political executions in public of all Democrats in Congress who failed to follow the mantra of EFCA.  The unions feel that these people betrayed them and they are not going to rest until they send every elected Democrat a message not to ever get on the wrong side of them again.

From a union standpoint, who can blame them?  The Democrats blew the biggest opportunity they have had in probably 30 years to reverse the decline of organized labor and the labor unions are not going to let the Democrats forget it anytime soon.  Trumka was played like a fiddle as he bowed to the White House demands that legislatively healthcare must go first through Congress. 

Unbelievably, Obama still won’t let healthcare go.  While the County wallows in 17% in real unemployment, instead of concentrating on fixing the economy, Obama still can’t let healthcare and a new trillion dollar deficit program go.

Meanwhile, Labor now sees a 40% tax on their own healthcare benefits in the healthcare program Obama wants to pass.  Further, the backroom deals to exempt labor until 2015 probably won’t survive the public’s light on these “backroom” deals Obama cut to try and get it passed.

So the next question is if Obama will be on this same list to be defeated when it is his turn to run?  Certainly, he is the primary person to be blamed for the failure of EFCA to pass as he placed it at the very bottom of his legislative agenda and given it nothing but lip service.  I seriously doubt if Hillary Clinton would have made the same mistake as Obama did.  She learned many years ago that major reform of healthcare is a bottomless pit politically.  Whereas, Clinton would have known that passage of EFCA would have brought tons more money to the Democrats in power. 

Therefore, one has to ask Big Labor, what exactly did you guys buy for $400 MILLION in campaign contributions?  I really think they need to ask for a refund!  Clearly there must be a buyer’s remorse.


5 Responses

  1. They wanted EFCA so they could replenish their coffers–and their members’ looted retirement accounts.

  2. You are correct that the passage of EFCA would bring to the Unions a tremendous amount of new money. The predictions were that union membership would within a few years DOUBLE. This is the reason why I am floored that the Democrats did not pass EFCA when they had the chance. The Unions would have been able to double the money in campaign contributions or in kind service to the Democrats as well, going from $400 MILLION to $800 MILLION dollars in short order.

    Union pension plans are often way underfunded. Many after years of abuse have gotten so bad that the Federal Government has had to step in and demand cuts in both benefits and increase in contribution levels because their status has gone from bad to worse. The more members the Unions get in these plans, the more cash to help them out. Especially when most plans require a person to be in the plan for at least FIVE years before the person is entitled to ANY benefit. So all the people who work and pay into the plan and then move on before their five years of vesting get no benefit from the union plan. However, the pension plan still keeps their money.

    Therefore, yes, whether it would be added money for dues or contributions into the Unions pension plans, EFCA would have helped the Unions. Which is of course why they are so upset at the Democrats who failed to get it passed.

  3. Hm hm.. that’s amazing but honestly i have a hard time seeing it… I’m wondering what others have to say….

  4. Although I would’ve preferred if you went into a little bit more detail, I still got the gist of what you meant. I agree with it. It might not be a popular idea, but it makes sense. Will definitely come back for more of this. Great work

  5. Thank you.

    If you watch the primary election in Arkansas, you will see what the Unions are doing to get even with those in the Senate who do not support them.
    What I find most interesting is that the Unions are split on Senator Specter, who is clearly the man who knocked the Employee Free Choice Act A/K/A “EFCA” off the tracks of passage. But for Senator Specter, this bill could have passed last summer. There is no valid reason the Unions should support him against his opponent who backs EFCA as proposed.

    The way I see it, the Unions think Senator Specter is going to win the primary, so they might as well support him. It is this thinking that got elected Democrats who would not take the hard votes for EFCA in the first place. Therefore, the Unions cannot seem to carry out the threats that they are making to take out all those who oppose them.

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