Democrats Ready to Jump Off Cliff on Healthcare

  It is widely reported that the Democrats in the House of Representatives are going to hold their noses and vote for the Senate bill in the “hope” that the Senate will agree to “fix it.”

The “wisdom” coming from the Whitehouse is that they already voted for the bill once and so if it fails, then Republicans are already going to hit them with that vote in November, so they might as well vote for the passage of the bill.  WOW!  I have never in my life seen such stupid reasoning before.

Let me get this right.  They should vote for a bill that almost 60% of the American public DOES NOT WANT and the reason is that this will be BETTER than NOT voting for the bill the American public DOES NOT WANT!!!!

If this logic were not so stupid to begin with, it would be funny. 

Do these Whitehouse pundits think the American Public is STUPID?  Do they really believe that when AFTER this bill is passed, and Medicare gets hit with a $500 BILLION dollar cut, and they see their insurance rates INCREASE between now and November, that the American public will not go to the polls in droves to vote these people OUT OF OFFICE?

These people are nuts and those Democrats who vote for this bill with this logic are sure to go the way of the Dodo bird.  Maybe this is good for the Country since under Darwin, if they are so politically stupid as to follow this logic, they should become extinct.

Whatever happened to jobs and the economy that all those in the Whitehouse promised the focus would be on after the Democrats lost to Scott Brown in February?  Like lemmings, the House Democrats are following Obama right off a cliff. 

All I can say is WOW!


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