It’s the Economy Stupid!

I am sitting here reading about Obama coming to Ohio pushing healthcare and my thoughts turned to what do the people in Ohio really want? 

Of course, it then came to me, with 10% unemplyment (plus in some areas), those in Ohio want what those in South Carolina want and what those in California want and what pretty much EVERYBODY in this Country wants – a better economy!

Then it occured to me, why have we not seen more of the Bill Clinton response to George Bush when the focus of the election campaign moved away from the recession and slow recovery?  Is not everyone wanting a return to a better economy?

I constatnly read that when it comes to what Americans want, that Obama is “tone deaf.”  I think they are right.

So with over 10% unemployment in Ohio, and people wanting the economy to improve, Obama instead comes to the state wanting us to support a TRILLION dollar new spending program with NO MONEY to pay for it!

Maybe if “someone” who attends one of these photo ops on healthcare stood up and yelled, “It’s the economy stupid!” that maybe Obama would FINALLY get it!

It’s the economy stupid!


3 Responses

  1. nice post
    can I have more post

  2. Your absurd neo-conservative blather (attempting to pass for intellectual thought) is base and disgusting. It’s your kind who got us into this mess in the first place with your free market b.s. I also noticed your Right to Work praise on the side—-bust unions and create more of a cheap labor force for the wealthy. Make a profit off of whose sweat? You obviously love those free market third world dictators with their hands in everyone’s pockets.

  3. Well thank you for your Marxist diatribe, but the last time I checked, the “free market” defeated the Soviet Union and they tore down the Berlin Wall and I believe the people in East Germany are very glad to live in a “free market.”

    As to Right to Work, you probably do not even have an idea as to what that term means or any knowledge about the Right to Work organization. I am sure you do not. Right to Work means that an employee has the “right to work” at a job without being forced to pay a Union dues money to work there. It is in fact a basic concept based on an American principle that people have a right to work and not be forced to give money to an organization they do not suport.

    In most union contracts where there is a “union shop” clause, the failure of an employee to pay money to the union will result in the employee being fired. That is the way the law works in those states that do not have “Right to Work” protection by statute.

    As to the idea of “union busting” and “cheap labor” you once again have no idea what you are talking about. These are probably just slogans you picked up I am sure. Considering the economy has 10% unemplyment, there is PLENTY of cheap labor to go all around, its just that the “wealthy” as you call them have no work to hire these men.

    Which in a strange way comes back to this article because “It’s the Economy Stupid” that is creating the cheap labor by having high unemployment, causing unionized companies to go out of business and in general is what is wrong with this Country. Instead of concentrating on the economy, Obama is running around trying to create a welfare state out of this Country with a new program we cannot afford.

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