Labor going after Democrats in Primary

The news media is finally picking up on what was discussed here a while ago.  That is that Democrats can no longer expect the support of Unions if they in fact do not vote the way Unions want.  The litmus test appears to center around the Employee Free Choice Act a/k/a “EFCA.”

For the short term, this is going to hurt the Unions more than help them.  Senate seats such as Colorado and Arkansas could flip from Democrat to Republican as a direct result of these primary contests.  Obviously, the more Republicans elected, the less power the Unions will have in Congress.

In the long run, it will probably make the Unions stronger because no Democrat elected to office can be assured that he or she will always have Big Labor’s support – no matter how they vote.

What baffles me is the split support Arlen Specter in PA is getting.  Considering the fact Specter is more than anyone else closest to the the sole cause on why EFCA did not pass last summer, I cannot understand why any Unions are supporting him against his primary opponent Joe Sestak who has promised 100% support of EFCA with no changes. 

Such actions really only dilutes the message Big Labor is trying to send to elected Democrats.  Maybe Tipp O’Neil was right when he said “All politics is local.”   But if Big Labor wants to make a point, it is going to have to speak with one voice, otherwise, what is the message it is sending in the Specter/Sestak race?  It is OK to screw us so long as we like you on other issues? 

If Big Labor’s goal is to nationalize elections, then it needs to get its own house in order first.


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