The “Fix” is in

The American public is about to get a lesson on how politics in this Country really works.

For those of you who think this vote is going to be close, you are right.

For those of you who think this vote is going to be unknown to the last vote, you are wrong.

The fix is in and this healthcare bill is going to pass.

Here is what happens, the leadership decides who gets a “pass” on the vote to manipulate the public.  Those who vote “no” would in fact vote “yes” except for the pass they get from the Democratic leadership.  Therefore, the fix is in, the votes are counted, it will be close, but they only need to pass it by one or two votes – everything else is fluff.

Those who are given a pass and allowed to vote “no” are in close districts where a “yes” vote could and probably would cost them their seat in Congress.

So the “fix” is in and the vote is going to pass the House.  How do I know this is true you might ask?  Simple.  The Speaker of the House decides when a vote comes to the floor.  She does not bring a bill up for a vote unless she has enough people who have pledged to her that if she needs them to switch votes from no to yes, they will do it to pass the bill.

Add to that the fact that Obama is now going around telling Democrats that his Presidency is at stake on this vote, and you have a lock on a pass.  Remember when Bill Clinton’s tax increase was going to lose by one vote and John Kerry changed his vote from a “no” to a “yes” just so the bill would pass?  Expect the same thing here.

I’m sorry to report it, but the simple fact is that the Democrats care more about their party loyalty than what the American public wants.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the American public in November to “Remember this Vote” and defeat every Democrat that runs for office because only with a sea change will people say the next time a Speaker of the House tries to pull this fix, that maybe if the American public does not want it, then it should not pass!


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