Obama has been a disaster for Unions

The NEW union numbers are out and it is clear that President Obama has been a disaster for Unions and the Unions need to rethink their behavior or become extinct much sooner than anyone thought.

The “Numbers” are real.  TOTAL unionization of both public and private is down to the lowest level recorded.  And since the passage of the National Labor Relations Act in the 1930’s, the unionization of the private sector is BELOW what it was BEFORE this statute was passed.  This statute was passed to HELP unions organize the private sector.  The workforce percentage in the private sector has dropped under Obama to the lowest level ever from 7.7 percent to 6.6 percent in his first term.  Another four years like the last four and the Union will be at 5,5 percent of the total private sector.

Obama has not done the Unions any favors.  In January of 2012, Obama unconstitutionally appointed three NLRB Board members.

The NLRB appointments are now declared by the DC Circuit Court of Appeals to be unlawfully appointed.  Obama had the opportunity to lawfully appoint a majority of the NLRB Board.   As a result of Obama’s unlawful acts, every “pro-union” decision this unconstitutional Board decides will in a couple of years be ruled null and void and every pro-union decision will be reversed.  It will be over a year before the US Supreme Court at a minimum rules against Obama on this issue.

In the meantime, case after case will have built into each and every one an automatic appeal and reversal.  No company should “stipulate” to an election.  If you do and you lose the election, you have lost a tool to reverse whatever the NLRB rules by filing an appeal.  This alone is a disaster for unions.  Elections held in 2013 can all be appealed and reversed and the litigation can take three years.  By the time the NLRB decision is reversed three years later, many or most of the union supporters will be long gone.

On the Employee Free Choice Act, after receiving @ $500,000,000.00 in campaign contributions from Unions in 2008 that resulted in a Democrat filibuster proof majority in the Senate and a large majority in the House, instead of PASSING EFCA and allowing Unions to quickly recover and organize new employers, Obama opted for Obama care and lost the filibuster proof majority in the Senate with the election of Scott Brown.  As a result, EFCA was dead and the Union’s under Obama lost the ONE CHANCE they had in over 30 years to bend the National Labor Relations Act into a sword on behalf of unions.

Thus, it is in fact President Obama that has sealed the fate of the Unions in this Country to a slow  but sure death.


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