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My name is Ronald Mason, and I am a management-side labor and employment attorney based in Columbus, Ohio.  I am the managing partner of our firm – Mason Law Firm – that has a national reputation for keeping companies union-free and negotiating tough contracts when necessary, as well as advising companies when their employees choose to decertify unions (get rid of the union) and deauthorize unions (get rid of mandatory union dues). 

I have practiced labor law for 30 years and I have negotiated so many union contracts that I cannot tell you the total number.  I am a former attorney with the National Labor Relations Board and I have not only a J.D. degree graduating with the highest honors, I also have a LL.M. in Labor Law degree from Georgetown University. 

We successfully navigate the minefield that is the National Labor Relations Act and accomplish the difficult labor work that other firms can’t perform.  We also have a very active employment law practice.  We advise companies in every aspect of employment law including federal and state Civil Rights laws, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and the Family Medical and Leave Act. 

We also counsel and train management regarding trades secrets, reductions in force, severance packages, drug testing, and immigration compliance.  We have created and/or  audited handbooks, serve as a consultant before terminations, and advocate for employers before the both state and federal court systems. In all, our firm has litigated labor and employment matters in ten different states. 

Our firm has its own twin engine private aircraft certified to fly in any weather and we can travel over half this Country in less time than you can travel by airline.  We view ourselves as firemen who at a moment’s notice must drop whatever we are doing and respond to your immediate needs.   We have represented companies in negotiations and before the National Labor relations Board from Alabama and Georgia to Michigan and from Connecticut to California.  I am licensed to practice in both Ohio and Georgia.  However, I do not have to be licensed to practice in any particular state if your case is a matter before the National Labor Relations Board or in any Union organizing attempt or NLRB election.


7 Responses

  1. Your blog is a good read and will be featured from time to time on LaborUnionReport.com.


  2. Fairly wonderful post, genuinely beneficial information. Never ever believed I’d discover the information I would like in this article. I have been looking throughout the internet for some time now and was starting to get discouraged. Fortunately, I came onto your internet site and received precisely what I was looking for.

  3. Though I would’ve valued it much more if you added in a relevant video or at least pictures to support the description, I still found your article quite useful. It’s usually not easy to make a complicated matter seem very easy. I value your blog and will subscribe for your feed so I won’t miss out on anything. Impressive articles or blog posts

  4. Hope you liked my latest analysis of where we are now post Scott Brown election.

  5. Thank you, this is a very complicated issue, but in the end it comes down to raw political power and the Unions found they did not have any. Although the Unions spent 400 MILLION dollars to get the Democrats elected, as one commentator I read said, that the Democrats handing of Unions labor issues has been an “unmitigated disaster.” http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/02/09/AR2010020902465.html

    From the Unions perspective, I would have to agree.

    The Democrats had a historical opportunity to change the National Labor Relations Act for the first time since 1948 and they TOTALLY blew it.

    Even today, Obama is so still hung-up on “healthcare” that he has forgotten that his promise to first fix the economy and get “jobs, jobs, jobs” has been totally lost. Big Labor has nowhere to turn, and must feel like an abandoned child begging for attention.

  6. […] Becker and union lawyer Mark Pearce on the NLRB changes everything according to employment attorney Ronald Mason, making EFCA, RESPECT and many other points of labor law very relevant […]

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