Union Corruption (again)

Edward Rodzwicz, former President of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen pleaded guilty to taking bribes.  In this case, he solicited a bribe from a lawyer who was going to be removed from the Union’s referral list for representing employees who are injured under the Federal Employer Liability Act (“FELA”).  To allow the attorney to be placed back on the list, Rodzwicz demanded a payment of $20,000. After he secured a down payment of $10,000 the attorney was placed back on the list and then the final payment of $10,000 was then made.

This one act of corruption places the entire referral system of the Union into question.  Can it really be that this was a “one time only” act by the President of the Union?  Was he so desperate for cash that he traveled to Arkansas to make the bribe offer?  This action places the entire referral system used by the Union into question.

How could the President be able to so easily reinstate a lawyer who for whatever reasons had been removed from the system for referral?

If the Justice Department is doing their job correctly, they now have the top dog who knows where all the bodies are buried. 

Odds are great that with the guilty plea now in hand and before sentencing, that this former President of this Union is singing like a bird.

Sort of makes you wonder who cannot sleep at night?

Stay tuned — more interesting news likely to follow….