More Lobbyists in the Obama Administration

Remember when we learned of Obama’s promise to not have lobbyists in his administration?  And remember when Obama  started breaking his rule?  Well, he’s still breaking it.  Obama’s first executive order forbade appointees who have served as registered lobbyists to “participate in any particular matter on which [they] lobbied within the two years before the date of my appointment” or “participate in the specific issue area in which that particular matter falls.”  His latest lobbyist appointments, Derek Douglas and Christine Varney are excluded from this executive order because their lobbying efforts were in 2006 – a few days before Obama’s 2-year self imposed cut off date.


Follow Up Friday: Obama’s Loves Lobbyists

Last week is when it was first covered that Obama was appointing lobbyists after promising lobbyists “won’t find a job in my White House.” 

In his early days of campaigning, he said that lobbyists wouldn’t be welcome in his new Washington.  Soon after the election he insisted on the “strictest ethics rules ever applied.”  In fact, he didn’t care if he excluded long-term Washington stalwarts because he wanted ethics in Washington.  But, “now lobbyists abound in Obama’s administration and have since day one.  Not only that, but tax cheats seem to be particularly drawn to the new president.”  In case you’ve forgotten, he’s appointed almost 2 dozen lobbyists (one more if you count Solis) and at least 3 that had trouble paying taxes (well, 4 if you count Solis’ husband).

Even MSNBC’s liberal talk-show host Rachel Maddow “blasted Obama for having former lobbyists in his administration, saying that his campaign-trail promise that lobbyists would not run his White House ‘sounded great; too great to be entriely true, it turns out.'”  Likewise, Melanie Sloan, executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, said about the new administration, “They say they have a policy of no lobbyists, and yet every day we hear about a new lobbyist.”

What do I see from all of this?  More labor friendly legislation.  Obama loves the pay to play game.  He swindled American voters into thinking he was going to reform Washington.  He promised ethics like we’ve never seen before.  But now that he’s in power, he’s thrown all of that out the door and has appointed nearly 2 dozen lobbyists who have all championed his causes.  With it being public knowledge that labor unions put him in the White House, soon it will be public knowledge that labor unions (like lobbyists, not ethics) will proliferate under labor-friendly bills like we’ve never seen before.