Obama’s Pro-Union Labor Secretary


Happy New Year – or should I say for you business owners – Weary New Year?


Those of us following the prospective labor and employment law changes that will likely occur under President Obama have been waiting for him to announce his Labor Secretary.  He announced it about a week or ten days ago – and then the Holidays happened and I am just now getting around to blogging about it.  Although I am a couple days behind the news, I haven’t seen much coverage about the appointment, so hopefully this will still educate some of you.


Obama named Hilda Solis, a Director of the pro-union lobbying group, American Rights at Work, and the Democratic representative from East L.A. as his Labor Secretary.  Both of her parents were in unions, the majority of her PAC contributions supposedly came from organized labor, and she enjoys a 97% approval rating from the AFL-CIO.  Oh – and she co-sponsored the Employee Free Choice Act.


In case you’re still one of those people in denial that the labor laws of this country will be rewritten in 2009, when introducing Solis, Obama stated, “I know that Hilda will show the same kind of leadership as Secretary of Labor that she showed in California and on the Education and Labor Committee by protecting workers’ rights – from organizing to collective bargaining, from keeping our workplaces safe to making our unions strong.”


Unions are already cozying up to her, as well.  The AFL-CIO’s John Sweeney told the New York Times that he was “thrilled” with her selection.  The SEUI President said, “It’s extraordinary.  On every issue that’s important to us, she has stood up for an America where everyone’s hard work is valued and rewarded.”  The SEUI Secretary-Treasurer followed suit by correctly stating that Solis, “has one of the strongest pro-worker voting records in Congress.”


I am now more confident than ever that my previous posts on this blog, i.e. EFCA, RESPECT Act, Patriot Act, Working Families Act, etc, will become law along with other pro-labor legislation that has not yet been dreamed up.