Union Violence (Again!)

The story is always the same: “They overwhelmed guards, smashed windows in the guard shack and dumped grain. Six guards were trapped for a couple of hours, Longview Police Chief Jim Duscha said.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/09/09/nlrb-investigates-longshoremen-union-for-strike-gone-wrong/#ixzz1XaJ316Bn

Do we wonder why the Unions have lost the support of the American public and why they now only represent 7% of the private sector work force?

Instead of working for companies with union contracts that can compete for the work, these union thugs think that the State of Washington should force a contact for union labor that costs more than other union labor!

Yes, you read correctly, the Longshoreman’s union is commiting voilence in protest of the Operating Engineers union getting the work!

The owner of the grain terminal EGT should just do the work non-union and say a pox on both your houses.


Wisconsin Defeat is Huge

This election was a severe blow to the Unions. Earlier they tried to rig the Wisconsin Supreme Court, they lost the election and they lost the case before the Supreme Court that could have over-turned the law.

Now they have lost the recall. Why this is important is two fold. First, the Republicans in other states are much more likely to understand the diminished power of the Unions and be willing to pass legislation such as Right-to Work that they never would have dreamed of doing until now.  Second, and more importantly, the BIG win is reapportionment.

If for any reason the reapportionment legislation that was just passed had gone wrong in the Courts, then it would come back to the legislature for changes.  Had the Union’s won control of the Senate, then the Democrats would be able to have forced better districts for the Democrats to run in for 2010 and the entire decade to follow.

This means that Republicans will now probably control both the House and the Senate in Wisconsin for the next decade.

Make no mistake about it, this defeat of the Unions was huge and the Unions know it.


Obama TOTALLY blew EFCA.  The Unions spent almost 500 MILLION dollars to elect Democrats to Congress and Obama in order to pass EFCA.  Had it passed, union membership would have doubled in 4 years, contributions to Democrats would have doubled in the 2012 election and the Democrats with Union money would have achieved power that they had not seen since the 1940’s. 

Instead, through sheer incompetence, the Unions got NOTHING for their money.  Pelosi played chicken with Reid and refused to pass EFCA until Reid acted in the Senate.  Obama just sat on the sidelines trying to pass Obamacare. 

The Unions got NOTHING but the shaft.  How can the Union Leader’s go back to their members and say “We blew 500 MILLION dollars on these clowns?”

No wonder the Unions are upset!  I am surprised they turned out the vote for Reid who did NOTHING for them but take their money!  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  Or as P.T. Barnum said, “there is a sucker born every minute.“ 

No matter how you describe it, the Union Leader’s got taken to the cleaners.  The only swindle that was greater was Bernie Madoff. 

Obama made every dirty deal in the book to pass Obamacare.  Name me ONE deal he cut to pass EFCA!!!

We might want to classify the Union Leader’s under Einstein’s definition as insane, since the Union leader’s keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result!

The Unions will probably not have another chance to ever pass EFCA again.  Call them suckers, insane or just plain foolish; the bottom line is they keep expecting the Democrats to do something other than just take their money. 

Did I mention the Union Leaders may be insane?

Post Election Analysis

Without question, the big looser in this election is the labor union movement. 

Think about it, in 2008 the Unions had in their hands a Democratic majority with a filibuster proof Senate, and the ONE piece of legislation that would have cemented the resurgence of their power, the Employee Free Choice Act, also known as EFCA, was there for the taking.  They spent $500,000,000 to get this sitting President and Democratic Congress elected.

Yet, they could not get a vote on this bill.  The Obama Administration took the Union money and instead of passing EFCA, turned its attention to healthcare.  Instead of passing EFCA in March of 2009, they got bogged down in Obamacare and as a direct result lost the election.

The simple fact is that it could be 20 years before the Unions will ever have the opportunity to pass EFCA again, if ever.  Over the next 20 years, Unions will continue to lose members and union companies will continue to close resulting in fewer members.  Today less than 7% of the private workforce in unionized.  In 20 years, it could be down to 1 to 2 percent. 

Unions spent almost $400,000,000 in this election cycle and got wiped out.  Except for the left coast and the New York and New England areas, where by the shere number of registered Democrats makes it almost impossible for Democrats to lose, there was a wipeout all across the Country of Democrat office holders. 

In addition, the impact of  reapportionment for Congressional seats as a direct result of this election could make Republicans in charge on the House for 10 years. 

Therefore, as I said at the beginning, the real loser in this election was Big Labor.

Think about this one point, had the Unions spent the $900,000,00 in the past four years on their members and organizing instead of electing Democrats that have done nothing for them, maybe they would not have needed EFCA to increase their membership ranks!

Labor going after Democrats in Primary

The news media is finally picking up on what was discussed here a while ago.  That is that Democrats can no longer expect the support of Unions if they in fact do not vote the way Unions want.  The litmus test appears to center around the Employee Free Choice Act a/k/a “EFCA.” 


For the short term, this is going to hurt the Unions more than help them.  Senate seats such as Colorado and Arkansas could flip from Democrat to Republican as a direct result of these primary contests.  Obviously, the more Republicans elected, the less power the Unions will have in Congress.

In the long run, it will probably make the Unions stronger because no Democrat elected to office can be assured that he or she will always have Big Labor’s support – no matter how they vote.

What baffles me is the split support Arlen Specter in PA is getting.  Considering the fact Specter is more than anyone else closest to the the sole cause on why EFCA did not pass last summer, I cannot understand why any Unions are supporting him against his primary opponent Joe Sestak who has promised 100% support of EFCA with no changes. 

Such actions really only dilutes the message Big Labor is trying to send to elected Democrats.  Maybe Tipp O’Neil was right when he said “All politics is local.”   But if Big Labor wants to make a point, it is going to have to speak with one voice, otherwise, what is the message it is sending in the Specter/Sestak race?  It is OK to screw us so long as we like you on other issues? 

If Big Labor’s goal is to nationalize elections, then it needs to get its own house in order first.

Unions, Healthcare and Will Rogers

As most people know, the Senate Democrat’s version of the healthcare bill placed a 40% TAX on healthcare plans that the Senate Democrat’s considered to be too “rich.”  The idea behind this was that people in these healthcare “rich” plans would spend more money on medical care than those who are not in these plans.  Therefore, the Senate Democrats believed a 40% tax on these plans would deter their use and lower costs.

After the Senate Democrats passed their version of the bill, the Unions who supported healthcare reform threatened to withdraw their support unless this 40% tax was changed.  What most people do NOT know was that behind closed doors, AFL-CIO President Trumka met with Whitehouse officials and in another “back-room” deal to get healthcare passed, the Obama administration agreed that everyone who was in a rich plan would have to pay this 40% tax EXCEPT unionized workers and public employees who are also probably – you guessed it – unionized.

Today the Democrats are meeting behind closed doors trying to match all the back-room deals with the sponsors and see just how much they think the public can stomach.  The simple fact is that the healthcare bill that was promised by Obama to be open for all to see on C-Span was born in back-room deals and still today lives on back-room deals.

Instead of meeting behind closed doors, why do not the Democrats do what was promised, open their doors to C-Span and let us all watch to see what they do?  The reason is of course simple.  THEY DO NOT WANT US TO KNOW ABOUT ALL THE NEW DEALS THEY ARE MAKING.

If it were not for the fact that this TRILLION dollar new program will in fact drive the deficit even further into the deep red, this whole thing would be looked upon as a joke.  Just so we know what a TRILLION dollars looks like, here it is:  1,000,000,000,000.00

It is no wonder that Congress has the absolute worst ratings it has ever had.  These people have lost all since of what is right and wrong and all they care about is getting elected.  Therefore, it is the duty of every American that goes to the polls in November to vote AGAINST every person in Congress who votes for this healthcare plan to pass!

Maybe, once their Union exemption from the tax is stripped away, and it hopefully will be, it will be real interesting who the Union members actually vote for in November. 

Right now, Charlie Cook, who makes the famous “Cook Report” is predicting a Republican House majority in the November election because the Democrats just cannot seem to understand that the American public does NOT want this plan to pass.  It is said that President Obama is “tone deaf” and does not hear or want to hear about what Americans are concerned about.  All he wants to see and hear is what HE cares about. 

Even after Scott Brown won the election that broke the Democrat’s 60 vote filibuster proof majority in the Senate, and Obama promised he would turn away from healthcare and concentrate on what the American public DOES care about and that is the economy, here we are, back where we started a year ago dealing with healthcare – NOT THE ECONOMY.

It was Will Rogers who said it best, “The only time this Country is in danger, is when Congress is in session.”  Truer words were never spoken.

Union’s Win First Concession from Obama

Even though Craig Becker, an attorney with the SEIU, was REJECTED to be appointed to the National Labor Relations Board by the Senate in a bi-partisan vote ,  it would appear that the Unions in general, and Andy Stern in particular, are so outraged by the Democrats failure or incompetence to pass the Employee Free Choice Act a/k/a EFCA, that they have demanded, and Obama has agreed, to give Becker a recess appointment to the NLRB anyway.

In earlier posts, we have discussed Mr. Becker and his agenda for labor.

Obviously, the hopes by the Unions are that Becker can do what the Democrats failed to do, and enact EFCA in NLRB cases.  It is what we call legislating from the bench and make no mistake about it, that is EXACTLY what the Unions want him to do and that is EXACTLY what he WILL do.

Why would Becker want a job that he can only hold for less than a year unless in that one year’s time, he intends to wreck havoc on companies and seek revenge for all the slights that labor has suffered under BOTH the Bush and the Obama administrations to date.

While I understand Labor’s frustrations at the Democrats, I just don’t think they ought to atone for this sin by placing on the NLRB an in your face left wing nut who wants to enact the EFCA legislation by NLRB decisions .